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Cloud Gateway

Cloud Gateway is based on the Internet, using OpenVPN technology to provide the enterprise Intranet, data center and Syscloud’s network resource pool fast interconnection services. It enables safe and reliable encrypted communication between enterprise and cloud.
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Product Architecture

Cloud Gateway
  • Architecture
  • Secure and reliable connection between enterprise data center or Intranet and Syscloud private network based on SSL encrypted channel.
  • Without gateway equipment and fixed public network IP, Syscloud gateway client only needs to access the Internet to connect to the Syscloud private network.
  • Access to Syscloud private network through a Cloud Gateway enables full network connection and quick access to data center, public cloud, Intercloud and other resources within Syscloud’s network.

Product Advantages

  • High Availability
    Cloud Gateway adopts a two-machine thermal standby architecture to enable fail-second switching, ensuring no interruption of the session, no need to rebuild the channel, and high availability of business.
  • Security
    Cloud Gateway uses OpenVPN and SSL transmission data encryption technology to establish reliable communication tunnel based on wide area network, ensuring data security.
  • Accelerated Delivery
    Through self-service online provision, there is no need for complex and time-consuming offline construction. Online configuration takes effect in real time, and deployment can be completed quickly.
  • Cost Optimization
    An encrypted channel based on the Internet is more economical and convenient than a dedicated "last mile" solution.

Product Features

  • Connect to the Syscloud’s network resource pool
    Based on the wan encryption tunnel, enterprises/data centers can quickly interconnect with the Syscloud Exchange Platform by only logging into the client/device of Cloud Gateway.
  • Purchase according to needs
    Enterprises can purchase one or more VPN Server ports independently according to their geographical location and business needs to enable nearby private network dial-up access.
  • Intelligient terminal
    Provide terminal link aggregation equipment, so that they can use different links to achieve load balance, path selection, double-link packet loss recovery, autonomous error correction algorithm.
  • Monitoring alarm service
    It supports the unified configuration management of monitoring alarm, provides visual operation and maintenance services, real-time monitoring of network resources, improves the response and processing efficiency of faults, and reduces the complexity of operation and maintenance work.

Typical Applicable Scenarios

  • Solution Analysis
  • A large corporation has many branches in eastern China, using Syscloud metropolitan area network to enable group network.
  • Using Cloud Gateway, the "last mile" connection between branch and network acceleration node is enabled based on the Internet.
  • Positive effect
  • Adopt encryption network to connect the whole process, ensuring the security of enterprise internal data
  • Cloud Gateway is used to connect the "last mile" to enjoy the quality of private network at the price of public network.