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Cloud Host

Cloud Host is a light computing service provided by Syscloud, which can be obtained at any time. Based on leading cloud computing technology, rich IDC nodes and network resources, it is easily accessible to Syscloud's proprietary network where enterprises build secure and stable network applications quickly.
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Product Architecture

Cloud Host
  • Architecture
  • Based on the technical and resource advantages in IaaS layer, the on-demand acquisition and reasonable allocation of computing, storage and network resources can be enabled.
  • Cloud Host has a global layout, and with the help of SysCXP platform and its huge resource pool, it enables the whole-process dedicated line connection between nodes, bringing a new experience of Cloud network integration.
  • Supports the online provision, monitoring and unified management of Cloud Host, and enables dedicated line connection between Cloud Hosts online.

Product Advantages

  • Agile delivery
    Cloud Host and dedicated line network can be rapidly constructed through online operation settings, making it easy and flexible for enterprises to acquire computing and network services, greatly reducing construction costs and time.
  • Private network interconnection
    Based on Syscloud's rich private network resources, provides multi-scenario Intranet connectivity between cloud hosts, which ensures low latency, high redundancy and multiple routing of the network and improves the overall quality of network connection and transmission.
  • Flexible configuration
    CPU, memory and network specifications can be configured according to the requirements, support on demand upgrade/downsizing, and support rapid and large volume expansion of server clusters, so as to ensure the flexibility of resources to expand.
  • Full security
    Real-time monitoring of important data, such as host and memory, can customize multiple alarm policies, and layer 2 network is adopted to prevent data from being monitored, so as to ensure the security and stability of cloud services.

Product Features

  • Implement resource application and management
    Provide rich instance specifications (CPU, memory) and bandwidth, upgrade bandwidth without stopping at any time, upgrade CPU and memory within 5 minutes, and support the continuous development of the business.
  • Support non-device deployment of private network
    Relying on the abundant dedicated line resources of Syscloud, users don’t need to deploy any devices. By selecting the Cloud Dedicated Line, they can quickly build a dedicated network of cloud hosts.
  • Satisfy the needs for multi-network connectivity
    The Intercloud provides a configurable edge routing service, which allows users to easily access Cloud Host to the public cloud, proprietary cloud host, bare metal and data center's routing interface, to enable the implementation of enterprise hybrid cloud architecture.
  • Provide resource planning and quota management
    Support users to view cloud servers with intercloud nodes, CPU, memory, data disks, data disks, private networks, edge routers, bandwidth quotas and usage, and plan and manage their resources.

Service Coverage

Existing Node
Incoming Node
Silicon Valley
Los Angeles
North China

Existing Node:Beijing、Jinan、Qingdao

Incoming Node:Tianjin、Shijiazhuang

Northeast China

Existing Node:Shenyang

Northwest China
Central China

Existing Node:Xian、Changsha、Wuhan、Luoyang

East China

Existing Node:Fuzhou、Hangzhou、Taicang、Changzhou

Incoming Node:Shanghai、Wuxi、Jiaxing、Xiamen

South China

Existing Node:Foshan、Shenzhen

Incoming Node:Guangzhou、Zhongshan、Dongguan

Southwest China

Existing Node:Chengdu

Incoming Node:Guiyang


Typical Applicable Scenario

  • Solution Overview
  • Take the Intercloud nodes as the network acceleration nodes to deploy enteprise networks.
  • Local branches rely on the Cloud Gateway, based on the Internet and network acceleration node interconnection to complete the network.
  • Problems solving solutions
  • Cloud Gateway is used to connect the "last mile", which can ensure the quality and security of the connection and reduce the overall network cost.
  • SysCXP platform supports online self-service access to Cloud Hosts, enabling enterprises to quickly and flexibly set up a network according to requirements.

Successful Cases

  • Netease

    China's leading Internet technology company

  • YouXiang

    Mobile terminal gaming development and operator

  • Dada Acceleration

    Online Gaming Acceleration Service Provider

  • CC Video

    China's Leading Video Operator