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Cloud HUB

Cloud HUB is an efficient, flexible and secure point to point or multi-point connection service provided by Syscloud. Through a single physical port, it can be connected with multiple public clouds /POP nodes within Syscloud's network,meeting various deployment requirements of enterprises.
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Product Architecture

  • Architecture
  • Through SysCXP's vast resource pool, multiple public clouds or POP nodes can be connected simultaneously through a single physical port.
  • Each physical port supports the provision of 10 vlans, and the number of vlans can be increased according to user requirements.
  • Enables the online provision, configuration and monitoring of virtual private line resources through SysCXP.
  • Supported connection scenarios
  • Physical port - multiple POP nodes
  • Physical port - multiple public clouds

Product Advantages

  • Connect the mainstream cloud service provider
    Cloud HUB can achieve secure interconnection with Syscloud's global public cloud service providers through a single physical port, and enterprises can easily establish a connection with the cloud ecosystem.
  • Flexible and extensible
    Multiple vlans are provided on each physical port. Enterprises can connect to multiple different clouds /POP nodes in multiple regions according to their requirements, and they can change connection points at any time to add or remove virtual dedicated lines.
  • High quality, and low delay
    Through direct and dedicated virtual connection, enterprises can easily connect to POP nodes or public clouds with lower delay and higher network transmission quality by providing nearly real-time network transmission.
  • Self-service provision and management
    Apply provision of Cloud HUB service through online self-service operation, and independently open or close multiple virtual lines according to the needs of enterprises, so as to avoid the troublesome offline construction.

Product features

  • Provide dedicated virtual channels
    Cloud HUB provides multiple direct and dedicated virtual channels for enterprises to access different nodes at the same time to avoid network congestion, and help enterprises remove the limitations of public network.
  • Fast access via API
    Cloud HUB open standard API to connecte with public cloud service providers, and with the SysCXP platform, enterprises can enable rapid interconnection with the public cloud on demand at any time.
  • Point to multi-point connection
    Support interconnection with multiple public cloud service providers or POP nodes simultaneously from a single physical port, and independently configure the bandwidth of each virtual link.
  • Online monitoring service
    The SysCXP platform provides virtual dedicated line monitoring service, with functions such as viewing traffic map and receiving network alarm. Users can manage and monitor their own network from time to time.

Typical Applicable Scenarios

Cloudy Architecture
  • Solution overview
  • Access the SysCXP platform through the nearest physical port, and independently provision multiple dedicated lines with Syscloud’s network resources.
  • Combined with the Last Mile solution, the entire private network connection is enabled.
  • Problem solving solutions
  • With Cloud HUB, enterprises can quickly deploy the multi-cloud architecture.
  • The use of layer-2 dedicated lines interconnection, ensuring the quality and security of data transmission.