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Last Mile

Based on the leading technology and resource advantages in the industry, Sycloud provides enterprise users with the link connection service between SysCXP nodes and user nodes, solving the "last mile" problem of enterprise network connection, and ensuring high-speed and smooth network.
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  • Product Introduction
  • The third party service provider dedicated line or operator MSTP dedicated line can be selected to connect to any node of SysCXP and complete the boundary interconnection.

Service Highlights

  • Multiple options are available
    Syscloud provides three solutions, such as proxy operator dedicated line access and Edge node extension, etc. Syscloud will recommend the optimal connection option according to user demand and geographical location, and also support users' active access.
  • End-to-end connection service
    Support the connection from point A to point Z, and provide the optimal network planning according to the user's own situation. SysCXP has high redundancy direct connection in the network, and realizes the interconnection between enterprise or data center and the public cloud through the boundary interconnection scheme outside the network.
  • Overall security
    Syscloud provides dedicated line services based on mpls-vpn encapsulation and IPSec encryption technology, as well as Edge node devices that extend SysCXP, providing users with 99 percent, 99.9 percent to 99.99 percent high SLA assurance, and improving the overall network security and stability.
  • Fault recovery within seconds
    To ensure high speed and unimpeded network and high availability, Syscloud supports dual-path and dual-routing deployment of "last mile" connection network, and can restore within 1s of two-path switching.

Private Service

Cloud Gateway

Based on the Internet, OpenVPN technology is used to provide enterprise Intranet, data center and Syscloud network resource pool with fast interconnection services, to achieve secure and reliable encrypted communication, and to help enterprises solve the problems of high cost and slow delivery of "last mile" network connection.

  • Secure
  • Intelligent Terminal
  • Fast Delivery
  • Cost Optimization
Fiber Optic Service

Optical fiber service is the cross-cabinet optical fiber direct connection or cross-floor optical fiber access service in the IDC machine room covered by Syscloud connection, and provides users with a structured optical fiber connection scheme.

  • Neutral Position
  • Ultra-low Latency
  • Self Service
  • Professional Services

Actual Scenarios

  • Solution Analysis
  • The core business of the bank is often deployed in the internal data center, and the resources are expanded flexibly with public cloud.
  • A hybrid cloud architecture is built based on SysCXP platform construction and Cloud Dedicated Line, and the operator MSTP dedicated line is used to connect the bank's own data center to the Syscloud network.
  • Benefits
  • With Hybrid Cloud solution, the rapid deployment of banking business system with hybrid cloud scenario is achieved.
  • Dedicated line connection is adopted throughout the whole process to ensure efficient and safe connection and enable real-time data sharing.

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