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Live Broadcast

Based on a large resource pool, self-developed products and rich industry experiences, Syscloud provides enterprises with services such as closest distribution of content, design and implementation of ultra-fast network architecture, and is widely used in live/video broadcast and on-demand scenarios.
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Industry Pains

High quality network and large bandwidth

Reduce packet loss rate and network delay, avoid cache, lag and other situations, and improve the video viewing and interactive experience of users.

High concurrent playback

Ensure the flexibility of network resources to ensure that all users can watch live streaming/video online smoothly during peak hours.


Transmission security

In order to prevent video content from being maliciously monitored and stolen during transmission, the security of transmission network needs to be assured.

Closest content distribution

In order to speed up network distribution and reduce network delay, closest content distribution network should be deployed.


  • Solutions Analysis
  • Syscloud POP nodes are distributed globally, supporting closest access to dedicated line network, and achieving closest content distribution.
  • Dedicated line network is adopted throughout the whole process to improve network quality, reduce packet loss and delay, and ensure the viewing experience.
  • Based on MPLS network architecture, secure tunnel is provided through vlan and Vxlan to ensure transmission security of video.
  • Network resource configuration and elastic management are carried out through SysCXP platform to avoid network congestion dueing to massive influx of users.

Related Products

  • SysCXP platform
    Be capable of on-demand distribution and centralized platform management, able to aggregate various service providers and open standard API and SDK to users or service providers.
    Access the whole network through a single point
    Multiple enterprises and end users can be connected through any node of SysCXP.
    Global coverage
    Own more than 200 network nodes in the world, and connect more than 100 domestic and international cloud service providers and network service providers.
    Self-service management
    Provide a series of API/SDKs for users to simplify resource operations and management.
  • Cloud Dedicated Line
    Provide high-speed and secure dedicated line access services, including IDC node-public cloud, public cloud-public cloud and other connection scenarios, to help enterprises build private access to the cloud.
    Rich public cloud resources
    Connected with more than ten mainstream cloud service providers at home and abroad, including ali cloud, tencent cloud, AWS and Azure.
    Self-service provision
    Through the online custom port, dedicated line bandwidth and so on, you can provision the cloud dedicated line.
    Unified platform management and control
    Unified management and monitoring of dedicated lines to reduce the complexity of operation and maintenance.
  • Cloud HUB
    Provides efficient, flexible, and secure point-to-multipoint connectivity services that connect to multiple public clouds /POP nodes through a single physical port.
    Flexible and extensible
    Each physical port provides multiple vlans and can change connection points at any time to add or remove virtual dedicated lines.
    High quality and low delay
    Provide nearly real-time network transmission through direct and dedicated virtual connection.
    API quick access
    Open standard API, and achieve easy connection with mainstream public cloud service providers at home and abroad.

Core Values

  • Live video acceleration
    Ultra-low network delay can improve online video and live streaming fluency, and realize the real-time interaction, these provide extreme user experience.
  • Multiple deployment of business
    Syscloud has more than 200 POP nodes in the world, which enables enterprises to deploy multi-regional services quickly and efficiently.
  • End-to-end solutions
    According to the personalized business requirements of enterprises, the one-stop and multi-function live streaming solutions are customized on demand.

They're Using Syscloud

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