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A New Generation of Cloud Exchange Intelligent Network Operator

Based on the service of "cloud + network", the cloud exchange platform (SysCXP) built by SDN enables fast connection and exchange between multiple service providers (public cloud, ISP, IDC, hybrid cloud service providers) and users, and provides neutral, open and secure connection services and hybrid cloud solutions for enterprises.

  • Global Coverage
    More than 200 POP nodes worldwide, covering southeast Asia, North America, South America, Europe, and so on, provide users with nearest access.
  • Intelligent Operations and Maintenance
    The Cloud Exchange Platform based on SDN, simplifies network management and enables fast online provision of business. It also open API to make it easier for both upstream and downstream providers to connect with users.
  • Multiple Service Providers
    Provide mainstream public cloud, IDC, ISP, hybrid cloud and integrated service providers with multi-scenario connections.
  • Open and Neutral
    Adhering to the principle of neutrality and openness to provide connection services to all upstream and downstream service providers and users.

Dealing with Your Business Challenges Easily

Syscloud provides a powerful cloud + network connection platform, including hybrid cloud dedicated line, fog computing, IT infrastructure, intelligent operation and maintenance, and integrated services of product life cycle, to solve the demands of enterprises

  • Problems of connecting to cloud
    Connect with multiple public clouds to help enterprises quickly move to the cloud
  • High Concurrent Access
    Easily cope with the unprecedented pressure brought by the peak of massive users and server accesses
  • High Packet Loss Rate
    Solve the network operation peak, equipment and others leading to packet loss
  • High Latency
    Avoid high latency due to public network routing congestion
  • Data Synchronization
    Enables efficient real-time data synchronization between multiple sites and service providers
  • Hybrid Cloud

    Provide full life cycle services for the design, deployment and implementation of hybrid cloud infrastructure, security management, operation and maintenance, and enables the rapid implementation of hybrid cloud architecture.


  • Last Mile

    Provide the interconnection service between Syscloud’s nodes and users, solve the "last mile" problem of network connection, and ensure high speed and unimpeded network.


  • Enterprise Private Network

    Provide corporate headquarter and branch network services to achieve high-speed and high-quality communications between branches with different regions and sizes.


  • Gaming

    Provide full package services, such as deployment of hybrid cloud architecture and dedicated line connection to enable gaming operators address problems, such as game lag and disconnection.


  • Live Broadcast

    It provides services such as nearby distribution of content, design and implementation of ultra-fast network architecture, and is widely used in live/video streaming and on-demand streaming.


An Expert Security System

We will create a controllable, reliable and secure network environment to protect enterprise information security

  • 1 Vs 1
    Experienced technical support experts provide one-to-one services to escort your business.
  • 7*24 h
    Operation and maintenance team provide 7* 24 hours guard, and quickly deal with emergencies.
  • 5 min
    Response quickly to purchase orders, creating a convenient client service system for you.
  • T3+
    High standard infrastructure facilities, all data centers meet or exceed T3+ construction standards.

Connect Everywhere

Syscloud has more than 200 POP nodes around the world, facilitating the direct global connection of enterprise business

Powerful“Cloud + Network”Ecology

Fully open up upstream and downstream resources and provide users with professional "cloud + network" services