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Cloud Dedicated Line

The Cloud Dedicated Line is a high-speed, secure dedicated line access service provided by Syscloud,meeting the interconnection requirements of POP node - POP node, POP node – cloud and cloud - cloud, enabling enterprises quickly create high-quality private network,providing network integration of different environments which reduces time and cost.
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Product Architecture

  • Architecture
  • Based on the SysCXP platform, the Cloud Dedicated Line enables the online interconnection between POP nodes in the network, allows real-time monitoring and alarms analysis of the dedicated line.
  • With the Last Mile solution, the connection requirements of different scenarios are met.
  • Supported connection scenarios
  • Enterprise - IDC service Provider (online/offline)
  • Enterprise - branches

Product Advantages

  • Self-service network integration
    Through the self-service operation on the whole line, enabling the rapid provision of Cloud Dedicated Line network. Combined with the offline construction of the Last Mile solution, resulting in the rapid implementation of enterprise hybrid cloud architecture.
  • Massive Dedicated Line Interconnection Matrix
    Supported by SysCXP’s huge pools of resources covering global POP nodes and mainstream public clouds, IDC and web services, Syscloud built a global interconnected matrix of dedicated line, providing professional network resources for enterprise business development.
  • Secure and stable private network connection
    Based on MPLS network architecture and self-constructed infrastructure network, ensures that different user ’s networks are isolated from each other, and ensure the network 7*24 hours without congestion and delayed packet loss, and at the same time, multiple redundant models are provided to enable network fault millisecond switching.
  • Platform management
    It can enable you to apply, define, purchase and manage your own network online, provides alarm configuration, real-time monitoring, flow chart and other functions, improves the provision efficiency and reduces the complexity of operation and maintenance.

Product Features

  • Support multi-scenarios cloud dedicated line access service
    Cloud Dedicated Line supports the interconnection between mainstream public cloud such as Aliyun and AWS, Intercloud and IDC nodes domestically and globally, so as to meet the demand of enterprise multi-scenario dedicated line connection.
  • Multiregional access
    Syscloud provides more than 200 POP nodes covering northern, eastern and southern China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas. According to their own business needs, enterprises can choose nearby node access.
  • Multiple network connection modes are supported
    Cloud Dedicated Line supports multiple network connection modes which include SysCXP internal and external layer 2 network connections, the intersecting network connection within the access node. Users can choose network connection mode according to their business requirements.
  • Single point access, through the network
    By connecting any node of Syscloud, the connection conditions of multiple network providers can be obtained. By expanding capacity bandwidth, enterprises can meet the incremental business needs and avoid creating multiple links.

Typical Applicable Scenarios

  • Solution overview
  • Based on the SysCXP platform, the network and public cloud resources can enable the network integration of different cloud environments through online self-service, and the rapid implementation of the dual cloud architecture.
  • Solutions solving problems
  • The entire process is connected by Cloud Dedicated Line,ensuring stable and high-speed network, real-time data synchronization and improving user experience.
  • Through the SysCXP platform, network resources are scheduled on demand to enable flexible network allocation.

Partners of Cloud Dedicated Line

Successful Cases

  • Meitu

    China's leading mobile Internet company

  • JuMEI

    Cosmetics limited-time special sales store

  • Ofo

    The world's first dockless bicycle sharing platform

  • Shanghai metro

    Urban rail transit service operator