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Dedicated Host

Dedicated Host is a secure and private computing service provided by Syscloud. It supports the flexible creation and management of multiple cloud hosts on the purchased Private Host, effectively improving resource isolation and security. It also supports the online interconnection with public cloud and other resources and enables localization of public cloud capability.
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Product Architecture

Dedicated Host
  • Architecture
  • Syscloud deploys more than 30 connected cloud nodes globally, covering Chinese mainly second-tier cities, and continue to expand coverage.
  • The product itself provides private computing resources, enables ures to built cloud hosts, plan and manage their resources.
  • In addition, depending on the SysCXP platform, the product can enable self-interconnection to public cloud and quickly build a hybrid cloud architecture.

Product Advantages

  • Powerful cloud exchange network support
    Based on SysCXP platform, quick access to Syscloud's vast cloud exchange network is supported, able to satisfy the public network access, multi-scenario networking requirements such as dedicated line connectivity and public cloud connectivity.
  • Private resources
    Provide enterprises with private cloud host, network, memory, disk and implement resource isolation at the Dedicated Host granularity, and support independent planning of infrastructure resources.
  • Secure, high-performance computing services
    Provide high performance, real-time data analysis and intelligent processing capability, with all proprietary cloud nodes running in data centers above T3 leve and ensures stability and high availability of computing services.
  • Cost reduction
    Support businesses to buy on demand while providing flexible billing cycles, reducing the disposable hardware equipment investment and providing professional operation and maintenance services to reduce the human cost of enterprises.

Product Features

  • Rich dedicated host specifications
    Pre-set various Dedicated Host specifications according to market requirements in order to satisfy the different needs of the enterprise and support enterprises to configure flexibly and create multiple cloud hosts with different specifications according to their business conditions.
  • Flexible creation of dedicated cloud hosts
    It supports the independent and efficient resource planning and allocation in the dedicated host that is private, and creates multiple private cloud hosts according to the business requirements, and customizes their specifications according to the private host resources.
  • Safety protection
    Professional DDoS defense IP services are provided, supporting black hole, flow cleaning and other dedicated protection services, providing DDOS protection services to enterprise business application systems, ensuring network security.
  • Unified monitoring and alarm service
    The SysCXP platform has a monitoring and alarm system, which provides real-time monitoring and reporting of CPU, memory and hard disk IO, so as to keep track of the operation of the cloud server at any time, and to quickly troubleshoot and solve problems according to the logs.

Service Coverage

Existing Node
Incoming Node
Silicon Valley
Los Angeles
North China

Existing Node:Beijing、Jinan、Qingdao

Incoming Node:Tianjin、Shijiazhuang

Northeast China

Existing Node:Shenyang

Northwest China
Central China

Existing Node:Xian、Changsha、Wuhan、Luoyang

East China

Existing Node:Fuzhou、Hangzhou、Taicang、Changzhou

Incoming Node:Shanghai、Wuxi、Jiaxing、Xiamen

South China

Existing Node:Foshan、Shenzhen

Incoming Node:Guangzhou、Zhongshan、Dongguan

Southwest China

Existing Node:Chengdu

Incoming Node:Guiyang


Typical Applicable Scenario

Large-scale Online Games
  • Solution Overview
  • Build game zone server with Dedicated Host, which can ensure security isolation of resources.
  • All zones are self-connected quickly to the Syscloud dedicated line network, and can adjust the bandwidth at any time.
  • All zone services adopts the Last Mile solution, enables the private network interconnection with all zone services.
  • Problem Solving Solutions
  • Localization of public cloud capabilities with Dedicated Host, improves local users' game experience.
  • The whole process is connected by dedicated line which reduces network latency and packet loss. In addition, the bandwidth of each line can be flexibly adjusted online to improve the utilization rate of network resources.