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Hybrid Cloud

Relying on the public clouds, data centers, and self-developed private clouds Syscloud has connected , the solution provides full life cycle service of hybrid cloud, including infrastructure design, deployment and implementation, security management, operation and maintenance, helping enterprises to easily and quickly build the required hybrid cloud architecture.
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  • Business Requirements
  • Enables efficient communication between the public cloud and different resources such as the data center and private cloud.
  • The architecture of hybrid cloud network is complex, so it is necessary to simplify the implementation process of hybrid cloud infrastructure network, which requires high quality of network.
  • Solution
  • Based on the public clouds, network connection capability and a series of hybrid cloud products, we create a new ecological hybrid cloud industry to facilitate the rapid implementation of data backup, game/video acceleration, Internet of things solutions, etc.
  • It provides enterprises with full-life cycle services of hybrid cloud infrastructure, including full-stack design, deployment, implementation, secure and intelligent operation and maintenance, making it easy for enterprises to quickly customize hybrid cloud solutions.

Service Highlights

  • One-stop Hybrid Cloud service
    Syscloud provides professional pre-sales consulting, one-to-one architecture guidance, data center hosting, dedicated line networking, Internet bandwidth, hardware purchasing and maintenance services to meet the network needs of different industries, and provide one-stop solution to solving enterprises' network problems.
  • Hybrid cloud dedicated line
    The API is invoked to enable the minute-level interconnection between the public cloud and the Syscloud proprietary cloud on the SysCXP platform. The agile delivery of the hybrid cloud private network can be achieved without offline operation. In addition, it also can enable fast connection of enterprise, data center and cloud.
  • Hybrid cloud ecology
    Syscloud connects mainstream cloud service providers, integrates Zstack, AWCloud and other hybrid cloud service providers, and works with Tencent Cloud, Huawei Cloud and other public cloud service providers to deeply customize integrated hybrid cloud solutions.
  • Hybrid cloud hosting
    Syscloud is based on more than 200 POP nodes covering China, Southeast Asia, North America, Europe and other places, as well as a huge dedicated network. It supports the hosting network of multiple hosting devices and enables the secure connection between cloud hosts and hosting physical devices.

Related Services

  • Cloud Dedicated Line
    Provide high-speed and secure dedicated line access services, including IDC node-public cloud, public cloud-public cloud and other connection scenarios, to help enterprises build private access to the cloud
    Rich public cloud resources
    Connected with more than ten mainstream cloud service providers at home and abroad, including ali cloud, tencent cloud, AWS and Azure.
    Self-service provision
    Through the online custom port, dedicated line bandwidth and so on, you can provision the cloud dedicated line.
    Unified platform management and control
    Unified management and monitoring of dedicated lines to reduce the complexity of operation and maintenance.
  • Last Mile
    Provide enterprise users with the link interconnection service between SysCXP nodes and user nodes, solve the "last mile" problem of enterprise network connection, and ensure the high-speed and unimpeded network
    A variety of solutions
    Provide three solutions, such as dedicated line access by proxy operator and Edge node extension, etc.
    Quick recovery of faults
    Support a two-path, two-router deployment "last mile" network, and two-path second level switching.
    High Assurance
    Provide users with 99%, 99.9% to 99.99% high SLA assurance, improve overall network security and stability.

Actual Scenarios

  • Solution Analysis
  • Syscloud dedicated line product is adopted to achieve the connection with the public cloud and obtain the elastic resources of the public cloud.
  • The Last Mile solution enables high quality connection between the production environment and the public cloud at the enterprise online store.
  • Benefits
  • Online shopping stores can use both local resources and elastic resources in the cloud to flexibly cope with high concurrent access during the peak period.
  • Proprietary network connection is adopted throughout the process with low network delay, ensuring real-time data synchronization and improving user experience.

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